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About Puma Products

Established in 1984, Puma Products Limited has taken great pride in serving the Fire Suppression and General Ventilation Industry and are renowned for product quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pressure relief dampers

Located in the south of England, Puma Products Limited is acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of Fire Rated Pressure Relief Dampers and bespoke Air Handling Equipment. Our Expertise in Ventilation Equipment can help to assist our clients with designs for individual applications and product specialist equipment to meet any heating, cooling, filtration, heat recovery, humidification or attenuation requirements.

Puma has continued to provide air handling equipment for the modern Computer Room (i.e. Electronic Data Processing Areas and UPS rooms). Requirements for disposal of Fire Extinguishant Gas from Fixed Fire Suppression Systems has seen demand for dedicated Extract Fan Units, motorised Fire / Smoke Dampers and Pressure Relief Dampers for high pressure inert gases such as Inergen, Argonite, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen based products and dual flow Synthetic Gases such as FM 200 or NOVEC 1230.

Puma Products provides an excellent service to consultants and contractors with full technical support by our team. Our computer, administration and production systems are certified by BRE Global Limited to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Programme to ensure that the final products meet the specific requirements of the Customer.

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