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Air Handling Units

PUMA Air Handling Units are designed to supply fresh filtered air, heated or cooled as required. Many ancillaries such as silencers, dampers, filters, inverters and control panels are available. Please refer to our product literature or consult our sales office.

These standard and bespoke Air Handling Units can be used in many applications, and are highly suitable for mounting in ceiling voids. Puma units can be supplied as Internal or External Roof Mounted.

Supply Only - Direct Driven Range

For General Ventilation Applications and Computer Rooms.

Airflows from 0.09 - 1.5 m3/sec

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Extract Only - Direct Driven Range

Permanent Extract for General Ventilation Applications.

Airflows from 0.12 - 1.75 m3/sec

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Supply or Extract - Belt Driven Range

Heavy Duty Air Handling for General Ventilation Applications.

Airflows from 0.25 - 15.0 m3/sec

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