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Fire Extinguishant Gas Extract

PUMA Fire Extinguishant (FE) Gas Extract Units are designed to remove fire suppression gases post discharge to atmosphere. Fire extinguishant gases must be removed safely and efficiently before a room can be re-entered. British and European Standards BS ISO 14520:2006 amd BS EN 15004:2008 Section 5.3 Part h refer to this requirement.

Fresh Air & FE Gas Extract

Fresh Air Supply and Fire Extinguisant Gas Extract unit

Compact underfloor and wall-mounted units for small Data Rooms

Dutys available from 0.024 - 0.175 m3/sec

pdf iconFresh Air & FE Gas Extract

Extract Only - Direct Driven

Fire Extinguishant Gas Extraction Applications

Dutys available from 0.01 - 2.1 m3/sec

pdf iconExtract Only - Direct Driven

Combined FE Extract & Pressure Relief Damper

Unique combination units for Data Rooms

Dutys available from 0.1 - 2.05 m3/sec

pdf iconCombined FE Extract & PRD

Air Make Up Damper

Providing 'make up' air for sealed Data Rooms

Sizes available from 150 x 150 mm - 1000 x 1200 mm

pdf iconAir Make Up Damper

Wall Mounted FE Extract Units

Wall-mounted Fire Extinguishant Extract Unit

High Level Compact Axial Fan & Fire Damper

Dutys available from 0.14 - 4.58 m3/sec

pdf iconWall Mounted FE Extract
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