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Ventilation Application Standard/Guidelines Model Filtration ISO 16890:2016
Improving indoor Air Quality for all occupied environmentsPart L / Part FAir-PurifierH14 HEPA & Molecular filter
Compliant IAQ for General Ventilation
(Electric or LPHW Heating only)
Part L / Part F
BS EN 16798-3-2017
StandardventePM1 50%
Higher demand Ventilation Systems for heating
and/or cooling, air quality and acoustic performance
Part L / Part F
BS EN 16798-3-2017
EN 13053:2012
CityventePM1 50% Optional NOX / SOX / VOC Carbon
Supply and Extract with Room Heat Recovery Heat ExchangerPart L / Part F
BS EN16798-3-2017
EN 13053:2012
RecoventePM1 50% Optional NOX / SOX / VOC Carbon
Schools and Universities compliance in line with
Department for Education
Part L / Part F
BB 101
BB 93
EduventePM1 50% Optional NOX / SOX / VOC Carbon
Healthcare sector in compliance with
Health Technical Memorandum and Health Building Note
Part L / Part F
HBNs various
MediventNon-critical ePM1 50% Critical ePM1 70% Clean room ePM1 85% (Optional H13 HEPA)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing IndustryPart L / Part F
BS EN 16798-3-2017
ISO 14644-4
PharmaventePM1 80% (Optional H13 Inline HEPA)
Food and Beverage food manufacturing IndustryPart L / Part F
BS EN16798-3-2017
BRC Issue 8 guidelines
CaterventLow Risk ePM2.5 50% (min) High Risk ePM1 50% (min)
On Site Services RefurbishmentsSafe Contractor ApprovedServices
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